Monday, August 18, 2008

About The Galley

Welcome to my galley. My name is KT and I live aboard a 44' sailboat with my soon-to-be husband, Chris. This blog is dedicated to our love of food and all things related. The galley may seem small, but even a two-burner stove can produce a gourmet meal.

I've always been obsessed with food, whether buying, eating, or cooking. I can spend hours in a kitchen store, and cookbooks make my top ten for reading material. When we first moved aboard (Dec 2002) I wasn't sure how I'd work in such a small area - and where would I store all my kitchen toys? Eventually I got it all sorted and now there's nothing I won't tackle in the galley.

Chris and I have now visited 23 countries, and with each new destination our taste buds expand and my recipe book fattens. I'll share some of these experiences and recipes with you in this blog.

Whether you are a land-lubber or fellow cruiser, if you have a question or interest please feel free to contact me: svbillabong [at] gmail [dot] com (or add a comment on any post). I look forward to hearing from you and am happy to post on topics of your interest.


KB said...

I don't think I'll ever complain about my kitchen space again! YOU ROCK!

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Welcome to My Galley, where you'll find an array of recipes and food bits. Having traveled to 23 countries in the last five years I lean towards Intl cuisines, but you'll find a few home-town favorites as well.
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